Independent camping with Dave. How, where, and when in Western Australia

WHEN: Wednesday, 26 August 2020 at 18:00
WHERE: Camper Trailers WA, 30 Erindale Rd Unit 7, Perth, Western Australia 6021

A casual but informative evening with Dave explaining the most appropriate Offroad Camper Trailers and equipment needed to Explore the most remote, spectacular, landscapes in Western Australia. Dave has been passionately manufacturing Offroad campers and taking people camping for 30 years. Here is your chance to get away from the crowds, towns and booked out caravan parks. Join Dave on one of his 3-10 day camping tours throughout the year. How lucky are we to live in WA and self isolate whilst camping in style in some of the most pristine, remote places on Earth? Living the Dream!

Register your interest here        Register through Facebook       Ring Dave on 0417912385. If no answer pls leave txt message.

WA is going through a tourist boom!
Please book your Christmas and northbound holidays now!

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  • Cavalier Off Road Campers from $70/day
  • Eureka Hard Floor Off Road Campers from $115/day
  • Kimberley Off Road Campers from $115/day
  • Light Off Road Camper Cub from $70/day

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Our Campers are made by us in WA to Explore WA in safety and Comfort. Hire before you buy and Join Dave (the manufacturer) on a Guided Tour.  View our Display today.

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Kairjini Gorge - Redtrack Tours Western Australia

Explore spectacular Karijini National Park  4th – 13th September, for just $100/day/car if you bring your own camper or hire one of our Off Road Camper Trailers. A great place to get away from the crowds and become a totally independant camper. Click on this link to find out more on this little known area of Western Australia.  Speak to Dave on 0417912385 or Click here to register your interest on our Facebook Events Page

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Explore Western Australia today!

Camp in style and comfort with a camper trailer that is strong, dust-sealed, has a well equipped kitchen, comfortable queen size bed, and only takes 2 minutes to set up.

Learn from your Tour Guide and the local people all about the stations, farms, flora and fauna, national parks, landscape features, coastal areas, and local food produce.