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Info night with Dave @ Camper Trailers WA 

20th July, Wednesday 7.30pm

Dave with the help of a professional power point presentation, will go through quality features to look out for on Australian Made Offroad Camper Trailers and his Redtrack Eco Adventure Tours into remote, pristine areas of WA. With particular attention paid to our tours in spring/summer eg. Pemberton, Indian Ocean Drive, Bremer Bay, Baxter Cliffs. Speak to Dave, the owner, builder and tour operator in person and ask him all the questions you ever wanted to know about camping in remote areas in an offroad Camper Trailer.

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Used Off-road Campers

Explore our Eureka Offroad Camper Trailer Series 2   Australian MADE! Eureka offroad Camper

2013 Eureka Offroad camper SOLD! Register your interest with Dave to purchase a Second hand, Australian Made, quality off-road camper trailer.  Eureka, Cavalier, Redtrack, Kimberley, Pioneer, Cub.  

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New Off-road Campers

Eureka Offroad Camper Trailers - Series 1

SOLD! 2022 Eureka series 1 Offroad Camper Trailer! Our Campers are made by us in WA to Explore WA in safety and Comfort. Hire before you buy and Join Dave (the manufacturer) on a Camping Tag A Long Tour.  View our Display today.

Why choose a Eureka Off-Road Camper Trailer 

REdTrack Eco Adventure Tours

Explore Western Australia today!

Learn from Dave your Tour Guide (with 40 years camping experience!) about station stays, farms, flora and fauna, national parks, landscape features, coastal areas, and local food produce.

We explore, remote, pristine areas of WA in the comfort/safety of a small group of fellow campers, in an offroad camper/hybrid/caravan. Only $130/car/day, in convoy.

If you don’t own an offroad camper/hybrid/caravan then Camp in style in one of our HIRE Eureka offroad camper trailers that are strong, dust-sealed, has a well equipped kitchen, comfortable queen size bed, and only takes 2 minutes to set up.

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albert pisconeri

We had been wanting to do a camping trip to the Pilbara region for many years. After looking around for Camper Vans or Trailers we settled on Camper Trailers WA. Both my wife & I found David and Helen very approachable and so passionate about their camping adventures. We settled on the Eureka trailer as… Read more “albert pisconeri”

albert pisconeri

Rob Stewart

I recently spent 3 nights at Pemberley Farm as part of one of Dave’s tours. A beautiful property in a great location. Dave is passionate about the outdoors, is well organised & provides great leadership

Rob Stewart

Richard Brisbane-Cohen

We visited WA Camper trailer on spec when we were researchinga replacement for our cancelled overseas trip and were well received by Dave the proprietor. He was enthusiastically helpful and spent considerable time with us especially on possible places to see in the North-West. We have now booked a Eureka Camper and have had a… Read more “Richard Brisbane-Cohen”

Richard Brisbane-Cohen