Terms and Conditions

Conditions of Hire

• This Hire Agreement in the State of Western Australia is between both Parties that is Camper Trailers WA Pty Ltd (Abbreviated to CTWA) and the person who signs this Hire Agreement as the Hirer.
• The Booking is confirmed once the hirer has provided all relevant details, the hirer has signed and returned the agreement, and CTWA has received the equivalent of One Weeks Hire for the deposit.
• Balance is due 30 or 60 days prior to departure as agreed between the Hirer and CTWA.
• The Hirer agrees the Security Bond required can at the discretion of Camper Trailers WA Pty Ltd be altered prior to departure, as part of our risk assessment.
• Security Bond will be returned by cheque in the post within 7 working days of the return date.
• A charge of $75/hr will apply for the time taken to clean the camper trailer and equipment if not returned in a clean condition and re-packed correctly.
• By signing this contract the Hirer understands how to use the Camper/Equipment correctly on the day of departure, from instructions given verbally and/or from the Instruction Manual provided.
• The camper is not to be sublet or loaned to a third party.
• The Camper Trailer is NOT to be taken on the Canning Stock Route or to Cape York Peninsula
• If you position the camper trailer under a tree you must cover the roof completely with a tarpaulin in order to protect the canvas from bird droppings and leaking sap. Failure to do so incurs a minimum cleaning fee of $200.
• The hirer will pay for broken zips, dents or breakages on the trailer, tears or burns in the canvas floor or windows, theft or damage to camping equipment or lost equipment.
• The camping equipment is to be left in the camper as you found it.
• There are no refunds, and no future credit as a result of early return of the Camper.
• Extensions to the Hire period are at the discretion of Camper Trailers WA.
• CTWA will not be liable to the Hirer for any loss, damage or inconvenience caused by consequential delay (including without limitation as a result of fire, flood, blackout, industrial action, theft, sabotage, breakdown or accident) occurring or the Camper not being suitable for the hirer’s purposes.
• The costs of returning the Camper to Camper Trailers WA Pty Ltd should the Camper break down or be damaged or need towing (regardless of cause), will be at the cost of the Hirer.
• The Hirer agrees to indemnify Camper Trailers WA for injury to or death of any person and damage to any property and all claims, damages, losses and expenses howsoever arising from or incidental to the possession, use or operation of the Camper.
• The Hirer agrees this Hire Agreement can be terminated by CTWA at any time if, in its absolute discretion we find the Hirer to be a credit risk, the Hirer is in breach of the Hire Agreement or in any event on the provision of seven days notice in writing by Camper Trailers WA to the hirer.
• The Hirer agrees the Camper is not to exceed the speed of 100Kms on open roads.
• The Hirer agrees the Security Bond will be withheld in the case of Damage to the Camper or Equipment (between the Departure and Return Dates) to cover all costs incurred by CTWA to repair the Camper, without limitation except for wear and tear.

Minimum cancellation fees:

30 – 60 days: FORTESCUE CAMPER $250, EUREKA CAMPER $350
30 days or less: NO Refunds


• The Hirer agrees they are responsible for tyres, bearings, brakes, water tank, chassis, axles, and suspension damage between the Departure and Return dates
In the event of an accident, breakdown, damage, or theft of the Camper or equipment, the Hirer agrees to notify CTWA within 24 hours.
• The Hirer agrees not to alter, add to, repair, or deface any parts of the camper or equipment.
• The Hirer agrees speeding and parking fines or other infringements are at their expense.
• The Hirer agrees to ensure that the driver is not under the influence of Alcohol or Drugs.
• The Hirer agrees to be responsible for knowing whether their Tow Vehicle has the lawful, correct, Towing and Down Ball Ratings to tow our Eureka and Fortescue campers safely.
• The Hirer agrees is to ensure the safety of other people in the proximity to the camper when erecting.